Jun. 7th, 2009

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Title: Black Coffee

Author: Winterhill/Miss Winterhill

Rating: PG

Word count: approx 4400

Warnings (inc spoilers): spoilers for Countrycide, Cyberwoman. I've made up stuff about TW1, it's not actually a spoiler.

Summary: Retcon is best served in hot drinks, but what sort of field agent are you if you can't convince someone over a cup of tea? Three times Ianto drinks coffee; once at TW1, once after Cyberwoman and once after Countrycide. Fluff, and a little bit of h/c.

Challenge: hot and cold

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*turns the thermostat back to standard room temperature*

Okay, folks, it's time to put away the bikinis and electric blankets. The Hot and Cold Challenge is officially well done. Thank you to all those who played.

You can find all the stories by clicking the challenge:hot & cold tag. New challenge coming right up.

Challenge 3: The Spectrum Challenge

Several prompters named colours or sounds or senses beyond the ken of mere humans, so we've rolled them all into one big rainbow and now proudly present The Spectrum Challenge.

For this challenge, we invite you to stretch your imaginations along the whole spectrum of possibility: any colour, sound or frequency (or lack of it), including invisibility and sounds only non-humans can detect.

Perhaps you want to take this opportunity to write that gay pride story, in which Ianto is out and proud and rather rainbow bedecked; or less political and more sartorial -- what's behind his choice of tie? Maybe your focus on colours is more metaphorical and the team are feeling blue, or green, or seeing red. Maybe it's the opposite of metaphorical and you construct an AU where they're all painters or musicians or crystal singers (you know you want to!).

Perhaps Tosh has been playing with gadgets again. Has she finally found the limits of what she can get from the CCTVs? What does the Rift monitoring program actually measure? Does Mainframe have a secret sensor network? Is that "measuring tape" that's lying around the Hub in actual fact sonic (why leave it at screwdrivers and lipstick)? Just what is the sub-etheric resonator for, and why must one refrain from sniffing it?

Or you could decide to go down the route of the sixth sense -- things humans can't normally perceive or measure. How do you measure someone's telepathic ability, anyway? Maybe Tosh or Owen end up haunting the Hub, and can only be seen through their etheric vibrations. Speaking of the (un)dead, what does it feel like for Owen and Suzie, tied to the alien emanations of the gloves? And why leave it at zombies when you've got aliens; perhaps Weevils start fomenting revolution in some kind of code through the cell walls, and maybe the vibrations are one of Andy's spooky-dos.

The combinations are endless! So, get out your palettes and start mixing -- you have until Sunday 21st June to post in response to this challenge!

Also, thanks to everyone who has left a prompt suggestion so far -- they have been very inspiring. Please drop by and give us more prompt suggestions for future challenges. You can comment over on the prompt post. Otherwise, we're starting to think Harlequin and Badfic challenges sound like fun! You have been warned. :)


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