May. 24th, 2009

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Title: Well Played
Author: Hope ([ profile] angstslashhope / [personal profile] hope)
Fandom: Torchwood
Wordcount: ~7,700
Genre: genderfuck
Rating: NC-17
Characters(s): Jack/Ianto
Warnings: unsafe sex
Notes: For the [community profile] flashfic_hub inaugural undercover challenge. And seriously, [personal profile] cupidsbow deserves a co-writing credit for the awesome beta she gave this.

Summary: The first time they'd played this particular game, Ianto had wondered at what it said about their maturity. But the way he and Jack play it—play each other with it—well, Ianto's sure there's no universe in which it'd be considered juvenile.

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That's it for the Undercover Challenge! All the secrets are out, all the sheets are washed, and all the underwear is safely back in the drawer. Thank you to all those who played.

You can find all the stories by clicking the challenge:undercover tag.

Challenge 2: Hot & Cold

A few prompters, who are probably presently in the northern hemisphere, suggested themes like "warm", "heat" and "torrid" as a challenge. To broaden the field a bit, we're proudly putting forth the "hot and cold" challenge!

You're more than welcome, of course to write about the weather. A particularly chilly Cardiff winter, or perhaps the TARDIS dragging the earth back a tiny bit closer to the sun.

But why stop there? Maybe Gwen is left to interrogate an alien that communicates through fluctuations of body temperature. Or perhaps Ianto pulls a weapon out of the archive that alters the target's core temperature (and Jack proceeds to make endless innuendoes about cold showers and/or setting fire to his loins).

Maybe it's not Cardiff with the wild extremes of climate--we know the team went to the Himalayas; what happens if they go on an international mission to central Australia? Or another planet entirely with a climate that's even more extreme?

Or, of course, the temperature fluctuation could be physical--maybe Tosh comes down with swine flu a virus that leaves her feverish. Or the curry place slips with the chilli and effectively ruins date night.

And lets not forget the metaphorical. Perhaps Jack's 51st century pheremones spin out of control and send him into heat, leaving him to--reluctantly--beat people off with a stick.

Or you might want to address the challenge at a more elemental level and have Owen "accidentally" set fire to the Hub. Resulting in the defrosting of all cryogenics inhabitants.

So, consider the fuse officially lit--you have until Sunday 7th June to post in response to this challenge!

Please help us get inspired for the next challenge by telling us what you want to read and write. You can comment over on the prompt post. Otherwise, we'll just start making stuff up, and that is bound to get ugly!


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